Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill "Prism" Aluminum Black Grinder


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An aluminum alloy coffee mill with a satisfying heaviness.

The hopper and grounds tray attach and detach vertically. This mill has a non-slip bottom made from silicone rubber. The burrs are washable.

COLOR Black  
SIZE W145 × D52 × H200mm  
Handle : Aluminium diecast, Polyplopylene
Lid : Methacrylate resin
Washer, Shaft cover, Inner burr holder, Grind adjustment knob : Nylon
Inner hopper, Inner bottle : ABS resin
Outer hopper, Outer bottle : Aluminum alloy
Shaft, Spring, Grind adjustment nut : Stainless steel
Burr : Ceramic
Non-slip base : Silicone rubber